Signs & Traces

by Avenue Victor Hugo

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The new EP from Avenue Victor Hugo.

© 2014 Avenue Victor Hugo Music
Words—Sean "Phred" Hennessey
Music—Avenue Victor Hugo
Recorded by Pat Kearns at PermaPress Studios, Portland, OR


released July 18, 2014

Drums, backing vocals: Chris Lytsell
Bass, backing vocals: Kiley Henner
Guitar, vocals: Sean "Phred" Hennessey



all rights reserved


Avenue Victor Hugo Portland, Oregon

Avenue Victor Hugo has been tearing up Portland, OR since they formed in 2011. A power trio, they mix up rock, pop, metal, and 70's psych into one big ball of sound. AVH is well worth the investigation.

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Track Name: Find
I know
I live a life of innuendo
Words not coming out as meant though
Phrasing's not what I intend so

I must find my way to love

A place where time is never ending
Saying nothing no pretending
Nothing's what I'm representing

I must find my way to love

Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride

I find
An empty wish in back of my mind
Given up and kept in decline
Frozen waiting for the right time

I must find my way to love

Another visit in the night
It's filling me with fright

First you climb into my bed
And then invade my head

Then as quiet as a thief
You stole into my dreams

Consuming quickly all my thoughts
Replacing them with loss
Track Name: Wasted
Don't think I even like you
And heaven knows that I've tried
I've seen the disease behind your eyes

We're like two complimentary lies
You're wasting my time

Don't you ever loved me
You couldn't of if you tried
You're dead to the world down deep inside

It would be a treat that's oh so kind
To get to rip off your disguise
You're wasting my time

I'm sitting here plotting your demise
You're wasting my time

Don't wanna say anything unkind
You make omnipotently blind
You're wasting my time
Track Name: Monstrosity
Let me tell you a story
Where I don't know why
Only one in twenty
Is going to survive

They'll have an election
Of who should go first
Then one of the twenty
Is tasting the curse

And now in the story
An hour has passed
And one of the twenty
Is trapped and then gassed

Another is running
Away for his life
A third stands watching
As the fourth feels the knife

Horror story
Make it a gory
Fucking ride
Get filled with elation
Lose your inclination
To fight for your life

We'll peek through the slats of
The shutters held fast
As one of the twenty
Is breathing his last

And after the carnage
Our blood lust is slaked
The last of the twenty
Has forever to face

Horror story
Make it a gory
Fucking ride

A manifestation
A mass molestation
Of hard swallowed pride

We'll tell you a story
Without any warning
That it's full of lies

We'll give you a hero
We're laughing like Nero
You burn in the night
Track Name: Red Alert
Color me with interest, baby
I stand here ill defined
If you display your insides, maybe
I will show you mine

I wouldn't mind
You're so refined

Make obvious your tactics, dearest
And how they will unfurl
And I'll lay out my plans now, baby
Just you say the word

It's so absurd
I eat my words

Oh, I know ….

In one of life's ironic moments
I try to make you mine
It kind of hurts, that makes it worse
Tell me what is on your mind

You're throwing signs
I can't unwind

Oh, I know ….

Red alert!
Track Name: Alibi
Got to make it happen
I've got no choice
It's my lot to silence your voice

Time to make a stand
I've got to cut you off, my friend
You wonder why
And you wake up when it's time to die

It's become my problem
It's become my chore
I have to make sure you're no more

Only one of ten
Designed to bring you to your end
You wonder why
I don't shoot you in the ….

Once more and I will find
My perfect alibi

I don't have no answers
But I have no doubt
It's my job to rub you out

Soon it's just we two
And I'll do what I have to do
I watch you cry
It's time to finally say good ….

Once more and I will find
My perfect alibi
I'll do what I have to do
To rid this world of you
Track Name: Lake of Fire
I'm gonna take you down and show you
A lake of fire
It's where you go to burn off all things
That you desire
It's where you sacrifice your own life
For your immortal soul
So in the next one you might find it
And you can be whole

I want to take you higher
Grinning like a child
Dancing like a liar

It's gonna burn off all everyone you
Have and hold dear
It's gonna leave you grinning
Despite the torrent of tears
It's gonna leave you with a promise
That nothing can make
'Cos in this life there isn't nothing
Can cure your heart's ache

I want to take you higher
Grinning like a child
Dancing like a liar